Stoneskip Park

“You know, you can just always go back to this place, this park, and you’ll always see me here.” I know why she is doing this.

I look at my ice cream, and it’s not even yet half-finished at all. I think I’d lose my ice cream to the pavement, not to my mouth.

She’s already finished hers minutes ago.

“You know, this will get old. You know that, don’t you? I… I know you know that.” She dries her cheeks with the back of her right hand. From the frozen treat or tears, I could only guess.

“You’re too good at hiding yourself from me, anyway.”

Fuck. Did I say that out loud?



Right. I did. I wish I know how to not burst.

“I mean, all these miles I burn, all these distances I cover,” and here I am keeping all the sobs to a faint minimum. If my knees are not starting to wobble and break, I’m pretty sure my voice is. “Everyday, all these places I see, but I still do not see your face in there. I can only keep on looking for you, and I can only keep on doing it so much! Why do you keep me away from you–”

“Why do you treat me this way?”

“I am not the one who made this happen, Mom! The heaven fucking knows I never wanted all this!”


240 words
via Daily Prompt: Treat


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